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Xu Ningning communicated with Chairwoman of Sing Health Medical Co., Ltd and others

Post Time:2018-11-09 09:12:15



  On 7th November 2018, in Beijing, Chairwoman of Sing Health Medical Co., Ltd, Rongzi, paid a visit to CABC in the morning and communicated with Executive President Xu Ningning about enhancing cooperation in China-Singapore medical industry in the morning; Deputy General Manager of Nari Group Cooperation, State Grid, Min Tao, paid a visit to CABC in the afternoon and communicated with Xu Ningning about Chinese enterprises entering ASEAN.

  Sing Health Medical Co., Ltd is the first listed outpatient medical unit in China. Rongzi, the former Vice Chairwoman of Singapore Writer’s Association, is also a well-known writer in Singapore and has published more than 30 books. Nari Group is a leading supplier of kit electric equipment both in industrial scale and technology. Its business has spread over 100 countries and 50% of its international business comes from ASEAN countries.



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