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New Business Opportunities in ASEAN-Faith and Action

Post Time:2013-09-25 11:00:00

Through ten years’ joint cooperation, China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was established in 2010. In this Free Trade Area which owns 1.9 billion consumers, over 90% of the products trading between China and 10 ASEASN countries enjoy zero tariff.

The reason for using the above basic knowledge as opening remarks is that, since the establishment of the FTA for almost three years, many entrepreneurs and government officials still ask, “Where is China-ASEAN FTA?” What is China-ASEAN FTA? “ and “What exactly China-ASEAN FTA “ is?

What does it mean if you are lack of understanding of CAFTA? It means that your company has paid tax in vain when exporting to ASEAN without using “certificate of origin”, it means that your company or the industry sector or region under your supervision has not taken advantage of favorable policies of regional economic integration, etc.

But to know the situation of FTA is not enough, what matters most is to take action! Enterprises should make corresponding business strategies and tactics according to the development of mutual market opening between China and ASEAN; local governmental economic sectors should grasp work suggestion on FTA business opportunities and organize the implementation combining with

local situation; industrial authorities and associations should dock with industry associations of ASEAN nations to promote industry cooperation through industry docking and implement regional industry upgrading.

Taking action promptly can achieve “win space by time” and grasping business opportunities can win a larger market area and more investment cooperations.

However, haste makes waste. The feasibility study is necessary and can not be ignored. The prompt action also needs to combine with the long-term development. We would not only enjoy the quick speed, but also show foresight in the action, to create good image and encourage mutually beneficial cooperation.

Paying attention to important points and taking steps in practice should be the basic behavior for us to achieve new development. In the global economy today, regional economic integration is making the new changes to the market supply and demand, making the new attitude to the economic relations of states to states and regions to regions. In the East Asian region where we live, the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community and the implementation of these bilateral free trade agreement such as China-ASEAN FTA, Japan-ASEAN FTA, Korea-ASEAN FTA, China inland-Hongkong and Macao, China mainland-Taiwan, China-Singapore, Japan-Indonesia and others will bring us many new opportunities and challenges. On the whole, the opportunities outweigh the challenges and the key is to be ready to hold the opportunities.

East Asian economic integration presents in the ascendant trend, the negotiation of China-Korea FTA is on the way, and the negotiation of China, Japan and Korea FTA will be launched in 2012. Led by ASEAN, RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Framework) which is a huge FTA covering many countries is going to be introduced and will be eye-catching. Keeping

abreast of trend change, following the trend to tack action, thus we can succeed by taking advantage of it.

China and ASEAN countries are close neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. The intimate and mutual beneficial economic cooperation is the inevitable choice to consolidate and develop the comprehensive strategic partnership between both sides. Meanwhile it will benefit stability and development of whole East Asia. Joining hands to achieve development is the most efficient way. We need to combine innovative cooperation and pragmatic cooperation as well as to combine comprehensive cooperation and deepening cooperation. Today’s cooperation is for a better tomorrow, so let us take action for our promising future!

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