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An Affinity between Xu Ningning and ASEAN

Post Time:2013-09-25 10:59:00

The first decade of the 21st century, which has witnessed the establishment and development of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, is remembered as an important chapter of China's history of peace and development. The establishment of the China-ASEAN also represents a history of regional cooperation conducted in a brand new way.

---It took less than 10 years for the idea of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area to come true. The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was created at the right time and reflected the aspirations of China and ASEAN countries to seek cooperation and common development. The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area accounts for 1.9 billion consumers which represent great potential. It is called "the world's third largest economic entity in future" right behind the EU and the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). In a time when the center of the world economy is moving eastward, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, as an emerging force, is attracting worldwide attention.

---The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area has enormously advanced the development of the trade and economic relations between China and ASEAN countries. The trade volume rose from 41.6 billion US dollars in 2001 to 231.1 billion US dollars in 2008, an increase of 4.6 times; two-way investment grows rapidly with the investment in the first half of 2009 exceeding 60 billion US dollars. Chinese enterprises are also increasing their investment in ASEAN countries. In 2008, China's direct investment in ASEAN countries reached 2.18 billion US dollars, an increase of 125% over the same period of last year. Cooperation in such areas as finance, transportation, and quality supervision is in full swing. The economic cooperation in Lancang-Mekong River Sub-region is becoming more practical and active. More and more government officials and entrepreneurs are paying attention to ASEAN markets and are planning to have further cooperation with ASEAN countries.

---The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area has facilitated the development of the China-ASEAN relations of political security. In 2003, China signed with the ASEAN the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, joined the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, and established strategic partnership aimed at peace and prosperity with ASEAN countries. Since then, the China-ASEAN strategic relations have been propelled both economically and politically.

---It has also promoted greatly the unification of ASEAN itself. In order to increase its competitiveness and adapt itself to China's rise, the ASEAN has been quickening the process of unification. Under the guidance of the ASEAN Charter, the ASEAN is determined to establish three communities, namely, the ASEAN Economy Community, the ASEAN Political Security Community and the ASEAN Social Culture Community.

---It has enhanced the economic cooperation in East Asia. Inspired by the advancement of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area negotiations and the rapid development of China-ASEAN relations of trade and economy, Japan, the ROK, Australia, New Zealand, and India have all established free trade areas with ASEAN. A trend of cooperation centering the ASEAN is surging in East Asia.

The times produce their heroes. Xu Ningning, deputy Secretary-General of the China-ASEAN Business Council Chinese Secretariat, is a hero produced by China-ASEAN trade and economic cooperation. The following are some unusual numbers related to Xu Ningning:

---20 years of hard work. Xu spent ten years in accumulation and another ten years in putting his accumulation into practice. Xu has devoted 20 years to the cause of China-ASEAN cooperation of trade and economy, making large contributions to many cooperation programs.

---Friend of 10 ambassadors. Honored as "the common friend of 10 ASEAN ambassadors in China", Xu Ningning has visited the 10 ASEAN countries.

------Seven books. Xu has written 7 books in the past 8 years, leading the research on China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. He is reputed as "the chief specialist in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. "

---150 speeches. Xu Ningning has given more than 150 speeches on China-ASEAN trade on invitations. The media call him “the first speaker on China-ASEAN trade".

It is believed that in the next 10 years, Xu Ningning, in prime of his life, will renew his records.

We hope that Xu Ningning will make new achievements as a pioneer in his undertaking, a navigator and leader in trend, and a promoter of cooperation.

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