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Diary of China-ASEAN “Zero Tariff” by Xu Ningning

Post Time:2010-10-29 10:58:00

Since January 1st, 2010, China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was established officially. ‘Zero-tariff’ and market-opening to each other is a important measure of taken by China and ASEAN. The author of this book has committed to the promotion of economic cooperation between China and ASENA for a long time. In the recent decade, he has been focusing on driving the construction of CAFTA. Besides, the author is in charge of the daily work of China-ASEAN Business Council Chinese Secretariat and accumulates a lot of working experience and achieves many research results. This book records the major activities he has participated, reflections and part of his research opinions since ‘Zero-tariff’ of CAFTA is carried on. Readers can learn the relevant situation after the establishment of CAFTA from this book.

The book is published in October, 2010 by Huaxia Publishing House. President of CCPIT and CABC Chinese Chairman Mr. Wan Jifei, Ambassadors of the ten ASEAN countries in China, Former Secretary-General of ASEAN Secretariat Mr. Ong Keng Yong write a preface to this book.

The author of this book Mr. Xu Ningning is the Executive Vice Secretary-General of China-ASEAN Business Council Chinese Secretariat, Chairman of GMS Business Council, Chinese council member of China-Malaysia Business Council, Chinese council member of China -Thailand Business Council, Guest Professor at China Foreign Affairs University, University of International Business & Economics, and Guangxi University. Mr. Xu graduated from Nanjing University in 1981 with a major in economics. In 1992, He worked as a visiting scholar in Singapore South-East Asian Academy. He usually visits Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Laos, etc. He has been invited to give nearly 200 reports on Southeast Asian business in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou and many other cities. Mr. Xu has published 17 books on economics, such as Outline of China -ASEAN Free Trade Area, Business Opportunities - Dialogue with ASEAN, Reports on Business Opportunities of Southeast Asia, Entrepreneurs, etc.

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