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Giant panda's birthday adds festive atmosphere to 48th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic ties

Copyfrom:Xinhua News AgencyPost Time:2022-06-01 13:57:24

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 (Xinhua) -- The 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia on Tuesday was made more meaningful with the first birthday of the third baby giant panda born in Malaysia.

The cub named Sheng Yi is energetic and adventurous, being keen to explore its enclosure at the Giant Panda Conservation Center of Zoo Negara.

As a treat, Sheng Yi's handlers prepared a special birthday "cake" comprising fruits and bamboo cakes atop a pile of ice, giving the cub its first experience of getting to experience both, which she did to her delight, pawing and playfully sifting through the ice while sniffing at the fruits.

Zoo Negara Deputy President Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lana who was present to witness Sheng Yi's birthday said Malaysia is fortunate to be able to host the pandas considering how rare the animals are outside of China.

"The panda is (a) very special animal. You can not easily get some in other countries, only from China and we are lucky that we are given for the diplomacy between China and Malaysia. It (breeding) is a goal for us and this is the third baby we produced," he said.

Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing attended the naming ceremony for Sheng Yi last week and said the name symbolizes that the friendship between China and Malaysia will reach new heights.

Dozens of panda lovers were here to celebrate Sheng Yi's birthday. Hong Saw Hoon, a librarian at a nearby university, came in the early morning with friends to decorate the panda house with colorful balloons, paintings and photos.

"It is Sheng Yi's first birthday, I have been preparing for this for several months, shopping on-line for panda-image decorations," said Hong. "I love pandas. They are so cute and they have the magic of connecting people, not only improving friendship between China and Malaysia, but also attracting people from many other countries. We came here for the love of panda."

On Tuesday, Ouyang published an article to mark the 48th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia.

"Mutual respect and trust are the cornerstones of the good relations between China and Malaysia," he said. "From the start of diplomatic relations 48 years ago, the two countries have weathered through thick and thin, setting a model of true good neighborliness for regional countries."

"With joint efforts, China and Malaysia will continue to strive for common development and achieve a better shared future," he said.

China and Malaysia established diplomatic relations on May 31, 1974. 

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