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Indonesia officiates cyber watchdog agency to curb hoaxes, radicalism through Internet

Copyfrom:Xinhua News AgencyPost Time:2018-01-04 10:01:25

Indonesian President Joko Widodo installed on Wednesday a senior army officer to lead the nation's newly-established State Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) tasked to fully control cyber activities in the country particularly from fake news and radicalism contents.

The installment of former head of the nation's encryption agency Maj. Gen. Djoko Setiadi to lead the BSSN was held in a ceremony in the presidential palace.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony, Dkoko said that the agency is focusing its efforts to secure the peace and calm condition in the nation's cyber media related to the "political year" slated for this year prior to the presidential election next year.

"We warn those who often creating fake news to stop their indecent activities. If they continue to do so, there would be regulations applied against them," Djoko said.

He added that the BSSN would team up with cyber units operated by police and intelligence agency to run its operation.

"In the future I expect the BSSN would be given the authority to arrest (those identified of violating the cyber regulation) and hand them over to the government's authorized institutions for further process," he added.

Particularly to tackle terrorism activities which have extensively used digital technology to plan attacks and running the terrorist organization's operations, Djoko said the BSSN would intensify cooperation with national police to tackle the issue.

Indonesia saw massive spread of fake news and sensitive issues through the social media which were said to be heavily used by the rivaling parties in the recent regional elections process.

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