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China and ASEAN: Enterprises Obtain New Development in Industrial Cooperation

Copyfrom:China News AgencyPost Time:2017-05-24 17:10:40

China News Agency, June 8, 2016: The year of 2016 is the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations, and the two sides will hold a commemorative summit and formulate a paln on the cooperation and development between two sides in the next twenty-five years. The cooperation between China and ASEAN brings so large market and so many opportunities…… Having spoken for such a long time, have you seen the business opportunities?

On June 8 at the Business Promotion Conference---Connecting with ASEAN, the Executive President of China-ASEAN Business Council Xu Ningning put forward ten points of proposals on enhancing industry cooperation between China and ASEAN. 

To Strengthen Industry Cooperation is a Common Need between China and ASEAN 

Xu Ningning said that, over the past ten years, with the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, China and ten Asean countries have mutually opened goods trade market, service trade market and investment market, making both sides’ economic relationship increasingly closer, improving the televance between two sides’ economic policies and increasing the correlation of two sides’ economic interests. The increasingly frequent economic activities between two sides gradually form a new industry chain of CAFTA, and new changes also emerge in intra industry cooperation and inter industry cooperation. 

ASEAN is a priority for China to develop peripheral diplomacy and foreign trade and economic cooperation. In 2002 when CAFTA has justed started, the trade volumes between two sides was 54.8 billion USD; and by 2015, the trade volume has totaled 472.2 billion USD, increasing by nearly 9 times within 13 years and growing by 20% on an annual basis. Up to now, China has becoming  ASEAN’s first largest trade partner, and ASEAN has becoming China’s third largest trade partner as well as the important market for Chinese enterprises to invest and contract projects overseas. And in 2015, the direct investment to ASEAN of Chinese enterprises increased by 60.8%.

Xu Ningning said enhancing China-ASEAN industry cooperation is able to effectively promote relevant Chinese industries and enterprises to “go out”, creat more trades, optimize two sides’ trade structure, and promote the two-way investment, which is conducive to ease some Asean country’s concerens about opening the market, realize the benefits brough to the small and medium-sized enterprises by regional economic integration, promote the implementation of two sides’ traade targets and investment targets by 2020, and aly a solid foundation for economic coopeartion between two sides. 

Proposals for Vigorously Strengthening Industry Cooperation between Two Sides 

Xu Ningning pointed out that we should fully realize the importance and urgency of currently enhancing industry cooperation and should consider it as a significant work to achieve mutual beneifit and win-win result in CAFTA. We should be fully aware that the industry cooperation between two sides is a systematic project which requires government sectors, industry associations, enterprises and other relevant parties to coordinate actively. And it should be clear for us that it will take a long time to strengthen the industry cooperation between two sides and adjust the industry structure and so we should enhance the cooperation with certain focuses and steps by formulating near-term, medium-term and long-term plans according to the changes of economic treds home and abroad and the changes of market maturity of CAFTA. As for this Xu Ningning has put forward ten points of proposals on strengthening the industry cooperation between two sides. The details are as follows: 

1. Governments and relevant departments of China and Asean countries should actively exchange their ideas on industry planning and policies, and formulate industry cooperation plan and organize its implementation. In recent years, leaders of China and some Asean countries have advised for many times in linking two sides’ macroeconomic plans and policies, on which the communication and cooperation is of great importance and supposed to be carried out. Therefore, governments of both sides ought to formulate and implement all the relevant policies to promote industry cooperation and encourage the development of industry cooperation. 

2. The industry cooperation between China and ASEAN should be organically combined with China-ASEAN Connectivity. China-ASEAN Connectivity plays an important role in two sides’ cooperation. Currently, ASEAN is implemeting the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity, which China and relevant parties should know about, to promote the cooperation with ASEAN countries. And both sides should take industry cooperation into full consideration in the infrastructure construction of transportation and electricity to promote industry connectivity and cooperation. 

3. Corresponding measures should be taken to promote industry cooperation. The role of Silk Road credit funds that China provides for ASEAN countries and China-ASEAN Bank Consortium should be given full play, to strengthen the financial service in investment, finance and insurance for industry cooperation. China-ASEAN cooperation should be enhanced in logistics, technology, intellectual property right, the conformity assessment procedures of technical regulations and ecnomic regulations, legal consulting, business consulting, accounting service, information service and other fields. 

4. The influce should be taken into consideration that other free trade agreements signed among countries insides CAFTA and countries outside CAFTA have on the industry cooperation of CAFTA. Besides, more emphasis should be put on improving the CAFTA’s industry chain value and extending the industry chain. 

5. Governments of two sides should support and guide small and medium-sized enterprises to gain new development, share benefits form mutually-open markets and ease some related concerns. To assist SMEs to participate in industry cooperation, industry chambers and associations of both sides should utilize their advantages of flexibility to establish a cooperative mechanism and represent enterprises to offer suggestions to governments, providing services for SMEs to achieve new development in industry cooperation. 

6. Industrial park should be built to improve cooperation efficiency among enterprises and enhance the industry agglomeration. And governments and relevant departments should give their supports actively to improve investment environment for better service. 

7. Enterprises of both sides ought to take an active part in industry cooperation and expand cooperaion in investment by takin good advantages of CAFTA’s preferential policies to create more tarde. Besides, full play should be given to China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Investment Summit in both sides’ industry cooperation. In recent years, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has issued Country-by-Country Guidance on Foreign Investment every year, of which there is an annual book introducing ten Asean countries respectively, including features of industry and industry policies etc., which can be refered to by Chinese enterprises when entring ASEAN. 

8. Both sides’ industry cooperation should be combined with the economic cooperation in sub-region of Free Trade Area to gain mutual promotion. Currently, China and the countries along Greater Mekong Basin are implementing sub-regional economic cooperation, and China is positively promoting the economic coperation in Pan-Beibu Gulf Sub-region and encouraging enterprises to participate in internal econnomic cooperation in ASEAN Sub-region. As industry cooperation is an important part of sub-regional economic cooperationa and industrial upgrading is the motivation of sub-regional economic cooperationa, both sides sholud make the most of sub-regional economic cooperation mechanisms and policies to enhance industry cooperation and narrow economic gap among countries in sub-region. This March, Joint Statement on Production Capacity Cooperation among Countries along Lancang-Mekong River was released at the First Leaders’ Meeting on Lancang-Mekong River cooperation, which should be actively implemented. 

9. Industry cooperation should be combined with China-ASEAN human resources development cooperation. The human resources development cooperation between China and ASEAN should be enhanced according to its pertinence and profitability. 

10. Systematic research on China-ASEAN industry cooperation should be conducted to provide the basis for the implementation of pragmatic and innovative cooperation between two sides. 

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