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China-ASEAN Logistics Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Conference was held

Post Time:2021-02-25 10:43:26

People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 28On December 28, the China-ASEAN Logistics Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Conference was held in the form of video.

   The meeting was hosted by the China-ASEAN Business Council(CABC). Xu Ningning, the executive president of the CABC, said in his speech that China and ASEAN live close to each other and are each other's largest trading partners. The logistics industries of both sides are highly complementary and connected. After the RCEP takes effect, it will achieve a high level of openness in goods trade between countries in the region, and greatly promote the growth of inter-regional trade and investment, which will provide a broad space for the development of logistics between China and ASEAN.

   2021 will be the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between China and ASEAN, and also the year of China-ASEAN sustainable development cooperation. Xu Ningning believes that in order to further promote the development of the logistics industry of both parties, the China-ASEAN Connectivity Cooperation Committee meeting should be convened as soon as possible to implement the cooperation consensus reached by China-ASEAN and its member states, and to strengthen the policy and planning of logistics cooperation and development. Be careful and practical, jointly build a digital platform, an intelligent logistics service system, and a product traceability system, and implement digital financial services. In addition, the logistics and freight forwarders associations of the two parties should strengthen the construction of the mechanism of industry cooperation and development, improve the level of international cooperation in the industry, and closely link the implementation of the new development pattern of "dual cycles" with the promotion of international regional logistics cooperation.

   In his speech, Lv Kejian, former director of the Department of Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce of China, said that strengthening the cooperation between the logistics industry and enterprises of the two sides is a major need for the current response to the pandemic and the economic growth of various countries. In accordance with the need to jointly build the Belt and Road, led by the China-ASEAN Business Council, leaders of the ASEAN Logistics Association and Chinese representatives have jointly initiated the establishment of the China-ASEAN Logistics Industry Cooperation Committee to build a cooperation platform for the logistics industry of both parties. In recent years, with the in-depth advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, the two sides have continuously strengthened the connectivity of infrastructure such as railways, highways, ports, and airports. The cooperation has achieved remarkable results. The construction of China-Laos cooperative railways and the construction o

f new international land-sea trade channels are under way.

  In recent years, ASEAN countries have become popular areas for Chinese logistics companies to cooperate with overseas. Chinese private enterprises such as Cainiao, JD, SF Express, Best, Zhongtong and YTO Express have entered ASEAN. The efficient and convenient services provided by Chinese enterprises are welcomed by the people of ASEAN countries, and their operation mode has also driven the development of the local logistics industry.

  Zhou Yuhao, chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Logistics Co., Ltd., said that Yuchai Logistics is optimistic about the new development opportunities that RCEP will bring to logistics companies. At present, the company provides transportation, warehousing, production logistics, supply chain trade and other services through the digital intelligence integrated supply chain information platform, and looks forward to all-round cooperation with ASEAN counterparts.

At the meeting, the permanent honorary chairman of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the chairman of the Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce, the vice chairman of the Vietnam Logistics Association, the former chairman of the Myanmar International Freight Forwarders Association, the chairman of the Cambodian Logistics Association, the former chairman of the Thai International Freight Forwarders Association, Malaysia The executive secretary of the International Freight Forwarders Association made speeches successively, affirming the practical significance of the meeting and actively expressing the desire to enhance cooperation.

  Dao Trong Khoa, vice president of the Vietnam Logistics Association, said that the current logistics service industry in Vietnam is recovering. The demand for cross-border transportation between China and Vietnam is growing, but related issues need to be resolved so that logistics service providers can better promote trade between the two countries.

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