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China−ASEAN: Joint Building of Maritime Silk Road was released

Post Time:2018-02-24 16:54:31

On January 23rd, the First Release Ceremony of the book China−ASEAN: Joint Building of Maritime Silk Road was held in Beijing, which is strongly recommended by ambassadors of ASEAN countries’ embassies in China.

On the Release Ceremony, representatives from ASEAN countries jointly witnessed this release on the stage, including Lao Ambassador to China, Singaporean Ambassador to China, Bruneian Ambassador to China, Ambassador of Myanmar to China, Philippine Ambassador to China, Charge d'Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in China, Commercial Minister of Malaysian Embassy in China, Minister Counsellor of Vietnam Embassy in China, and Minister Counsellors (Commercial) from Thai and Cambodian embassies in China.

Ms. Khek Caimealy Sysoda, Cambodian Ambassador to China, wrote in preface: “The publication of this book was right in the nick of time. The author Xu Ningning, Executive President of China−ASEAN Business Council (CABC), was devoted to China−ASEAN reciprocal economic and trade cooperation in the past 26 years. In recent four years of building Maritime Silk Road, he spared no efforts to promote cooperation based on his studies and practice. Thus I would like to recommend Mr.Xu’s new book to the readers.”  

Mr. Jose Santiago L. STA. Romana, Philippine Ambassador to China, thought this book would greatly help decision-makers and experts from academic and business circles who had shown great interest for China−ASEAN development. This book also pointed out fields where both sides could deepen cooperation, contributing to bilateral economic cooperation.

Mr. Thit Linn Ohn, Ambassador of Myanmar to China, wrote in preface: “Mr.Xu Ningning is a representative pioneer in promoting China−ASEAN economic and trade cooperation. I therefore strongly recommended readers this book.”

Ms. Vandy Bouthasavong, Lao Ambassador to China, remarked that this book, briefing on new business opportunities in ASEAN countries including Laos, was referential to Chinese enterprises entering ASEAN.

Mr. Soegeng Rahardjo, Indonesian Ambassador to China, indicated that upon the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN and the 26th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN−China dialogue partnership, this publication reminded us to remember the joint achievements we have made through cooperation. Ambassador Soegeng Rahardjo looked forward to this publication as it delivered valued information on status quo of China−ASEAN economic and trade cooperation.

Ms. Magdalene Teo, Bruneian Ambassador to China, wrote that Mr. Xu Ningning committed himself to China−ASEAN economic and trade cooperation and carried out a series of work. Ambassador Magdalene Teo wished to see more active participants and promoters to participate in building Maritime Silk Road.

According to Mr. Xu Ningning, ASEAN is the nearest station in building Maritime Silk Road which has been bringing enormous new opportunities to regional cooperation. This book aimed at prompting China−ASEAN economic and trade cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Guo Zhouming, President of China Commerce and Trade Press, said that this book had analyzed the status-quo, business opportunities and trends of China−ASEAN economic and trade. Besides, it also gave constructive advice on cooperation and briefed CABC’s practice in building Maritime Silk Road. This book featured latest information, substantial content and China-English edition.  

Mr. Xu Ningning once worked in economic departments of government for ten years. Since 1991, he began working on promoting China−ASEAN economic and trade cooperation and had published 21 economic books at leisure time such as China-ASEAN: Cooperation and Development, New Business Opportunities in ASEAN—Faith and Action and Entrepreneurs. In 2011, ten ASEAN countries jointly conferred the “China−ASEAN Cooperation Outstanding Contribution Award” on Mr. Xu Ningning. In 2015, the commercial departments of ten ASEAN countries’ embassies in China jointly issued a Certificate of Honor to Mr. Xu Ningning as “China's Chief Expert on ASEAN Business”.


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