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Dezhou−ASEAN Economic & Trade Cooperation Conference Held in Beijing

Post Time:2018-02-24 16:48:42

On January 23rd, Dezhou−ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference was held in Beijing, co-hosted by China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) and Dezhou Municipal People’s Government. Mr. Xu Ningning, Executive President of CABC, said that 10 ASEAN countries differed greatly in economic development level, and the eastern region, the central region and the western region of China were also in different stages of development, which enabled two sides to find their complementarity and breakthrough point in their cooperation.

Mr. Shang Huaijun, Vice Mayor of Dezhou Municipal People’s Government, stated in his speech during the Conference that while actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, Dezhou has been committed to making itself a vital node city connecting North China with ASEAN. In 2017, Dezhou’s export volume to ASEAN increased by 27%. Under the arrangement of CABC, Mayor of Dezhou Municipal People’s Government led a delegation of more than 40 renowned entrepreneurs to 3 ASEAN countries for investigation and coordination, delivering many concrete cooperative fruits. This year, a series of important commercial activities like China−ASEAN SME Cooperation Summit would be well conducted.

During the Conference, Dezhou Municipal People’s Government released Action Plan on Cooperation with ASEAN (2018—2020), exchangedMOU with China−ASEAN Business Council, and held the launching ceremony of China−ASEAN SME Cooperation Committee Website. The Chinese Secretariat of China−ASEAN SME Cooperation Committee settled down in Dezhou.

Mr. Xu Ningning analyzed that over the years, more and more provinces and cities were actively enhancing cooperation with ASEAN, seeking to make achievements under the Belt and Road Initiative. The success of these provinces and cities offers us much experience mainly as follows:

First, to focus on and seize the opportunities of coordinating with ASEAN countries, as well as to formulate and implement action plans; to positively strive to integrate the region’s cooperative programs of coordinating with ASEAN countries into China−ASEAN cooperation; to step up training for officials and entrepreneurs in the area to introduce them to knowledge about ASEAN and matters demanding attention in cooperation with ASEAN countries, so as to improve the efficiency of cooperation. The administration departments of the government, the Councils for the Promotion of International Trade and main Business Councils will put the cooperation between the region and ASEAN as a priority of their work.

Second, to adopt various measures to promote cooperation with ASEAN, including: leading delegations to investigate and seek cooperation in ASEAN countries; inviting chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs of ASEAN countries to find business opportunities in the local areas so as to promote cooperation in trade and investment; hosting promotion conferences and investment seminars on “Entering ASEAN”; sponsoring or co-sponsoring cooperation activities facing ASEAN like international conferences, exhibitions and cultural exchanges; supporting corporations to establish industrial parks in ASEAN countries and introducing ASEAN elements to industrial parks at home; pushing ahead major cooperation programs between the two sides by dealing well with problems, bringing benefits and setting up examples.

Mr. Xu Ningning suggested that in the construction of Maritime Silk Road, the cooperation between Chinese provinces and cities shall highlight their own complementary advantages and focus on improving the quality and efficiency, which can not only facilitate the new development in the region’s opening-up, but also make contributions to consolidating China−ASEAN Strategic Partnership. According to him, CABC, as one of the cooperation dialogue mechanisms between China and ASEAN, is willing to undertake its own responsibility by actively assisting Chinese relevant provinces and cities in mutually-beneficial cooperation with ASEAN with regard to the building of Maritime Silk Road.

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