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“Hundred Enterprises Visiting Nanyang” Delegation Successfully Completed Visiting Activities in Cambodia and the Philippines

Copyfrom:Dezhou DailyPost Time:2017-07-27 11:34:37

During the period from July 2nd to 8th, Dezhou “Hundred Enterprises Visiting Nanyang” Delegation separately conducted investigation and matchmaking activities in Cambodia and the Philippines. While visiting these two countries, Wen Shakun, director of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia; Fang Qiaosheng, president of Khmer-Chinese Association; Chun Dala, secretary of state for business of Cambodia; Huang Nianrong, director-general of Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Inc.; Shi Gongqi, special envoy of president of the Philippines for Chinese affairs and chairman of Oishi Group; Cai Congmiao, eternal honorary president of Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Severino Rudolf, deputy director of Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines; Shi Qingwei, executive vice president of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (the Philippines); Sergio Otis Louis, honorary president of Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Xu Ningning, executive director-general of China-ASEAN Business Council; Chen Fei, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor; Wang Zhenxiu, secretary-general of the municipal government and principals from relevant departments and enterprises separately participated in the respective activities.

In Cambodia, Khmer-Chinese Association, the Municipal Government of Dezhou and China-ASEAN Business Council jointly held the “Maritime Silk Road: China (Dezhou)-Cambodia Business Opportunity Matchmaking Meeting”, in which, Chen Fei emphatically promoted and introduced Fulu Group, Zhongjiao Yingchao Pepper Industry, Yongle Food, Kangrui Edible Fungus, Dingli Jujube Industry, Laigang-Yongfeng, Jinghua Group, Hongxiang New Material and other enterprises. In Siem Reap of Cambodia, the memorandum of cooperation on industrial park projects was signed between Zhongjiao Yingchao Pepper Industry Co., Ltd and Tianrui (Cambodia) Special Agricultural, Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone.

In the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Municipal Government of Dezhou and China-ASEAN Business Council jointly held “China (Dezhou)-Philippines Business Opportunity Matchmaking Meeting”, in which, Chen Fei emphatically introduced Gushen Group, Baolingbao Biology, and Zhaowei Steel Tower Company that have been conducting close businesses with the Philippines, while promoted and introduced Precion Group, Jieyang New Energy, Hengli Motor, Jinzhu Material Technology, Aotai Textile, Binqing New Energy and other enterprises on the spot.

Chen Fei also introduced industrial situations in Dezhou. He said, Dezhou was a vibrant city with distinctive industrial features, superior traffic and location, intensive innovative resources and beautiful ecological environment; it was now actively integrating itself with the “The Belt and Road” strategy, enhancing its exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries, and emphatically forming a major node city in northern China matchmaking ASEAN. Presently, 330 enterprises from all over the city were conducting economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries, covering multiple fields of agricultural and sideline products processing, textile, mechanical manufacturing, mechanical and electrical products and transportation means etc. From January to May of this year, import and export values of Dezhou to ASEAN totalled 1.84 billion yuan, enjoying a year-on-year growth of 57.9%. This time, the Municipal Government of Dezhou has actively acted as go-between for both parties, with an aim at propelling more SMEs to “go out”, deepen pragmatic cooperation with ASEAN merchandising enterprises, and strive for realizing mutual benefit and win-win.

While visiting these two countries, enterprises from Dezhou conducted negotiations and matchmaking activities with more than 300 local enterprises.

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