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Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Delegation of China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Committee Co-hosted “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation Symposium with Fruitful Achievements

Copyfrom: Sing Sian Yer Pao DailyPost Time:2017-06-23 14:48:28

 “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation Symposium, co-hosted by Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Delegation of China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Committee led by Executive President Xu Ningning of China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC), was successfully held in the conference room of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce on the afternoon of 8 June 2017. President Boonyong Yongcharoenrat with entrepreneurs of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce had deep and extensive discussions and exchanges with Executive President Xu Ningning and his partners friendly, and the two sides had made substantial achievements. 

President Boonyong Yongcharoenrat said in his remarks that now was the perfect time to invest in Thailand, as the “One Belt and One Road” International Cooperation Forum was successfully held in China recently, which brought strong impetus for Chinese enterprises to “go out”. And nowadays, the entrepreneurs’ visit to Thailand was of great significance and means a new milestone. “All of you are envoys of Thailand-China friendship. And I hope that all the entrepreneurs will invest and set up bases in Thailand based on this inspection and visit. Besides, Thailand is vigorously building infrastructure currently and Thai construction industry is also developing rapidly with good trend and thriving tendency. I wish all of your enterprises could participate and bring this good news back to China. Finally, I sincerely wish the Delegation’s visit to Thailand a great success with fruitful achievements, to make contributions for the prosperity and progress of Thailand and China!”

Executive President Xu Ningning expressed his sincere appreciation to President Boonyong Yongcharoenrat and his partners for their warm entertainment. Executive President Xu said today’s visitors were all influential and representative entrepreneurs form Jiangsu Province and the enterprises led by them were all “Top 500 Enterprises” of construction industry in China. “Today’s visit will be a start for these enterprises to develop in Thailand, especially the “Belt and Road” Initiative will certainly promote all of you to become partners of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce, thus to deepen two sides’ friendship and enhance cooperation in various fields.”

During the Symposium, all representative entrepreneurs made remarks successively and introduced their enterprises’ main business and industry advantages. Chairman Tao Changyin of Nantong Construction Industry Association said that he was full of confidence in Thai investment environment; and today’s communication with the young entrepreneurs from Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce had picked up steam, which proved that this visit to Thailand was a correct choice.

General Manager Wang Zhong of Jiangsu Nantong NO.2 Construction Engineering (Group) Co.,Ltd. introduced its status and achievements, and also expressed his willingness to enhance cooperation with Thailand in infrastructure construction. Thereafter, Chairman Gu XinXu of Jiangsu Tongzhou NO.2 Construction Engineering  Co.,Ltd., Vice Chairman Shen Feng of Jiangsu Jiangzhong Group Co.,Ltd., General Manager Yin Jie of Jiangsu Shuntong Construction Group Co.,Ltd., General Manager of Overseas Branch of Nantong Sijian Construction Group Co.,Ltd, Chairman Yi Jiexiang of Nantong Xinhua Construction Group Co.,Ltd., Chairman Qing Leijian of Jiangsu Henglv Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.. and so on also made remarks respectively. They were desired to cooperate with Thai enterprises in multiple fields, including road and bridge construction, building materials, steel structure, greening and environmental protection and hydraulic and electric engineering etc.. 

Fellows form Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce and representative entrepreneurs had deep exchanges and docking with each other during the Symposium and the welcoming dinner at Shangri-La Hotel, and many preliminary cooperation intentions had been reached. Besides, Vice President Chen Ping, Consultant Chen Jindun, Assistant President Huang Zhiqian and Shang Yanming, and Director Ma Yan of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce positively offered advice, successively expressed their willingness to share information with entrepreneurs to inspect in Thailand, work together to carry out industry docking and implement joint operation, and assist enterprises to cooperate with Thai local enterprises and governments. There were some other attendees, including Executive Vice President Chun Pailindeelert, Vice President Thitiwat Pongapipat and Vice President Chen Ping, Honorary President Yan Kaiyu, Consultant Chen Jindun, Assistant President Pravena Sae-Khow, Huang Zhiqian and Shang Yanming, Director of Culture & Education Ma Yan, Director of Welfare Xu Junlong, Director of Intercede Section Wen Zeqin, Assistant Secretary-General Zhou Shaogeng, Sue Sae-Song, He Zhenyu, Committee Member Zhang Gaoyang, He Xiaobin, and Manager Huang Cheng etc.. 

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