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China-ASEAN Daily-used Chemical Industry Committee was Established

Post Time:2017-06-06 13:06:56

In March 2017, China-ASEAN Business Council invited leaders of relevant chambers & associations including cosmetic associations from ASEAN countries to gather in Guangzhou to dock with the famous Chinese entrepreneurs of daily-used chemical industry organized by Guangdong Chamber of Daily-used Chemicals. And the output value of Guangdong daily-used chemical industry accounted for half of that of the whole country.


On the afternoon of 18 March 2017, Xu Ningning presided over China-ASEAN Cooperation Committee On Daily Chemical Industry Closed-door Meeting, at which Chairman of Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd the famous Chinese daily-used chemical enterprise, talked about the significance of establishing the Cooperation Committee and expressed his desire to dock with ASEAN in daily-used chemical industry on behalf of the Chinese daily-used chemical enterprises. And then, the industry leaders from both China and ten ASEAN countries successively expressed their willingness to further cooperation, and signed Consensus on Strengthening China-ASEAN Daily-used Chemical Industry Win-win Cooperation.


On 19 March, the Inauguration Ceremony of China-ASEAN Cooperation Committee On Daily Chemical Industry & China-ASEAN Daily Chemical Industry Development Forum was held. And during the speech session, representatives from both China and ASEAN countries introduced the situation of their own countrys daily-used industry and their targeted key projects for cooperation to each other; during the interaction session, representatives took questions from each other and solved the others concerns. This fully reflects that mutual understanding could be enhanced in exchanges and communication, and then effective cooperation could be promoted in mutual understanding.


On 20 March, representatives from ten ASEAN countries paid a visit to the famous daily-used chemical enterprises in Guangdong.


During the Forum, two sides representatives work together to establish a cooperation framework, and at the same time, some representatives started their face-to-face discussion by making the best use of this opportunity and the time. As long as the meeting came to an end, several presidents of daily-used chemical chambers of commerce gather in Shanghai to discuss about participation in industry conventions & exhibitions, and some ASEAN representatives even download WeChat in their mobile phone to co-build a WeChat Group for China-ASEAN Daily-used Chemical Industry Cooperation together with Chinese representatives. The representatives from both ASEAN countries and China, who attended the meeting, said to China-ASEAN Business Council for many times without exception that "it is very meaningful for industry docking and enhancing understanding.".


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