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The Second Session of Maritime Silk Road China-Malaysia Forum was Held

Post Time:2017-05-24 16:59:41

On August 23rd, the Second Session of Maritime Silk Road China-Malaysia Forum & Business Opportunity Promotion Conference---Connecting China-Panxian and Malaysia was held in Kuala Lumpur. Xu Ningning, the Executive President of China ASEAN Business Council and Co-Chairman of China-ASEAN Business Association, said that over the recent years, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Malaysia has been comprehensively implemented in various fields, and it is obvious that Malaysia is an important fulcrum in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Therefore, both sides should continue to expand cooperation fields and achievements.

This Forum was co-hosted by China-ASEAN Business Council, China-ASEAN Buisness Association (Malaysia) and Panxian County Government since the First Session of Maritime Silk Road China-Malaysia Forum held in last September. Datuk Chua Tee Yong, the Vice Minister of Malaysia Ministry of Trade and Industry, Tan Seri Lim Gait Tong, the Chairman of China-ASEAN Buisness Association (Malaysia), and officials of Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Malaysia attended the Forum and made remarks.

Sino-Malaysian Bilateral Cooperation in Economy and Trade is in the Ascendant

Xu Ningning said that China is Malaysian largest trading partner and largest source of imports, and that in receny years the economic and trade cooperation between two sides has been gradually deepened. The bilateral trade volume in 2015 maintained 100 billionUSD, and China’s investment in Malaysian manufacturing sector outnumbered 1 billion USD once again. Besides, the annual and accumulated sums of mutual investment between two sides are also tending towards equilibrium. Among ASEAN countries, the tarde volume between China and Malaysia accounted for 20.6% of the aggregate trade volume between China and ASEAN.

Xu Ningning introduced that China-Malaysian bilateral interaction and cooperation achievements were fairly remarkable under “the Belt and Road Initiative”. In 2012, with the mutual promotion of two countries’ Prime Ministers, the year has witnessed that China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Pak and China-Malaysia Kuantan Industrial Park co-built by China-Guangxi and Mlaysia-Pahang became a model of innovation to effectively promote China-Malaysian practical cooperation in economy and trade. In 2013, the two sides signed the Five-year Plan on Economic and Trade Cooperation (2013—2017). In 2014, the two sides signed MOU on the Building of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, consequently enhancing China-Malaysia economic and trade relationship.

Late last year, two countries issued Joint Statement of People’s Republic of China and Malaysia during Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit to Malaysia, which injected new motivations into two sides’ economic and trade cooperation, and two sides stressed the need to promote “the Belt and Road Initiative” and enhace production capacity cooperation.  

Xu Ningning held the view that the industrial coonnection is the key to future development of bilateral cooperation between China and Malaysia. Hence, this is the exact ooprtunity for Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia.

China-ASEAN International Production Capacity Cooperation Summit to be Held in China-Panxian

As a province adjoining to ASEAN cpuntries, Guizhou Province is proactively participating in the building of Maritime Silk Road and developing the open economy. At this Forum, Panxian County Magistrate Li Lingbo, who led the delegation from Panxian of Liupanshui inGuizhou Province, China, introduced that Panxian opens its door to Southeast Asia, has convenient traffic, abundant energy and mineral resources, and beautiful natural environment, and also has wide cooperation space to cooperate with Malaysia in agriculture, industry, tourism and other industry fields.

Singapore is Panxian Delegation’s third destination in ASEAN countries after the Maritime Silk Road Forum & Business Opportunity Promotion Conference --- Connecting China-Panxian and Malaysia was held in Thailand. Besides, the Delegation will visit Indonesia and Panxian will host China-ASEAN International Production Capacity Cooperation Summit this November to deepen industry cooperation between ASEAN countries with complementary advantages.

Promoting China-Malaysia Economic and Trade Cooperation by Industrial Cooperation

About how to further promote economic and trade cooperation between two countries to co-build Maritime Silk Road in the future, Xu Ningning proposed that both sides ought to consolidate the trade advantages of traditional commodities such as oil and gas, palm oil and rubber etc. to promote industry cooperation and put emphasis on the industry cooperation in Muslim food, finance and other new fields. Besides, Chinese enterprises should increase their investment in high-tech industry, capital-intensive and knowledge-concentrated industry to improve the value of industrial chain and extend industrial chain.

Xu Ningning stressed that cooperation between China and Malaysia should be implemented in order to expand cooperation ranges. And The ASEAN International EcoCity invested by Malaysia in Shandong Province of China is a project of innovation and cooperation, which is of positive significance for China and ASEAN to expand economic and trade cooperation and for China and Malaysia to deepen their cooperation. 

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