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Setting sail for RCEP cooperation series activity held in Jiangmeng, China

Post Time:2022-03-29 13:59:33

On January 1, 2022, the China-ASEAN Business Council, the RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee and the Jiangmen People's Municipal Government, Guangdong Province, China jointly held the "Looking forward to the new future and seeking opening and new development - RCEP sets sail for cooperation and development series activities", at the same day of RCEP’s entry into force, it was the only event in the world with the theme of RCEP cooperation series activities.

The series of activities include MOU signing ceremony between the China-ASEAN Business Council and Jiangmen Municipal People's Government, the unveiling ceremony of the RCEP Economic, Technological and Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Center, RCEP photo exhibitions, and Jiangmen Summit on Chinese business economic and trade cooperation with RCEP. It is issued the world's first "Jiangmen Initiative" for Chinese businessmen to cooperate with RCEP in economic and trade cooperation.

The event attracted the attention of many political and business guests at home and abroad. About 130 political and business representatives attended the live event. The event was broadcast live through 10 new online media platforms such as CCTV Mobile Network. Nearly 3 million netizens at home and abroad watched the live broadcast, including overseas. Viewed more than 1 million times.

At the opening ceremony of the event, Xu Ningning, Executive President of the China-ASEAN Business Council and Chairman of the RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee, Zhang Xin, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Cambodian and Philippine Ambassadors to China, Minister of Trade and Industry of Laos, Singapore Trade and Industry former Minister of State Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Secretary of the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee, and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress delivered speeches. The leaders of 12 domestic and foreign chambers of commerce (associations), including the China Inspection and Quarantine Association, the Japan External Trade Organization Beijing Representative Office, and the Singapore Chamber of Commerce in China, delivered speeches on site or via video.

On the same day, the "Spring Sunshine" set sail at Xinhui Port, Jiangmen, and became the first source flight from Jiangmen City to other RCEP member countries after the RCEP came into effect. Lee Kum Kee (Xinhui) Food Co., Ltd. self-printed the RCEP certificate of origin for Japan, which became the first RCEP certificate of origin issued by Jiangmen Customs.



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