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​Speech for Mr. Phairush Burapachaisri Vice Chairman of The Thai Chamber of Commerce on China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone - ASEAN Investment Cooperation Conference

Post Time:2020-07-23 11:30:06


Mr. Xu Ningning, Executive President of China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)


China-ASEAN Business Council Member


Good Morning. On behalf of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, I would like to thank CABC to host the China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone - ASEAN Investment Cooperation Conference. I am honored to be here joining to share knowledge and information with you.


According to Thailand Board of Investment, Thailand is now supporting foreign investment in our Special Economic Zones including the well-known Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), that will be linked to 4 further economic corridors which are


· Northern Economic Corridor (NEC) will focus on food safety and agricultural health standards,agro-industry and food processing, and the integration of “LannaCulture” into the products and services. 

· North-Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) will focus on health and wellness, promoting insect farming for an alternative protein source and developing cultural tourism alongtheMekong riverbank. 

· Central-Western Economic Corridor (CWEC) will focus on agro- and high-tech industry, heritage and green tourism.

· Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) will focus on precision aquaculture, innovative halal food products and development of new tourist destinations.


In the future, these 4 corridors will also be connected to the Special Economic Development Zones (SEZ) at border areas located in 10 provinces next to neighboring ASEAN countries, to promote regional trade and investment.


As the COVID-19 situation created the New Normal that makes difference to the world, it increases technology usage in many matters. Business after the pandemic must focus on the rapidly changing consumer behavior, and understand the customer's mind about new needs.


Various business sectors are beneficially affected, such as communication, retail, food and beverage, automation and robotics, as well as digitalization and services sector, such as digital trade and digital banking payments. Also, the operations and access to critical infrastructure such as ports, cargo handling, and others necessary, need to be sure for the smooth flow of logistics.


Thailand now is providing investment opportunities, especially in technology, human capital, and education. Moreover, there are growth potentials in food industry since Thailand have full resources, and trending in healthcare sectors, such as public health, and medical tourism.


At this point, we need to reassure our entrepreneurs and strengthen the trade and investment between ASEAN and China, to become stronger and more sustainable together again. Thank you very much.

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