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Beijing-Singapore Cultural and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held

Post Time:2022-11-30 11:08:48

On November 28, 2022, the Beijing-Singapore Cultural and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held in online-onsite hybrid model in Beijing and Singapore.

Xu Ningning, Executive President of the China-ASEAN Business Council, was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled "China-Singapore Cooperation Outlook on Cultural Economic and Trade". Xu Ningning said that culture can play a role in international economic and trade activities. China and Singapore have close economic and trade cooperation, and in recent years, cultural industry cooperation has been continuously improved and upgraded, injecting vitality into the friendly relations between the two countries and playing a significant role in the development of cooperation between the two countries.


Xu Ningning said that the development of China-Singapore cultural and economic cooperation has benefited from the leadership of the leaders of the two countries, the active promotion of government departments, the extensive participation of non-governmental organizations and chambers of commerce, the strong desire for social and cultural cooperation in the development of political and economic relations between the two countries, the profound social foundation formed by the long-standing traditional friendship between the two countries, the implementation of the China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, the joint construction of the Belt and Road and the implementation of the Joint Statement between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Singapore on the Establishment of an All-Round Cooperative Partnership Progressing with the Times.

Xu Ningning put forward relevant suggestions on further enhancing China-Singapore cultural and trade cooperation:

First, we should implement the leaders' initiative and the consensus being implemented by the government, and build a demonstration effect of foreign cultural cooperation. The two sides should fully realize that cultural industry exchanges and cooperation are conducive to jointly coping with severe international challenges, jointly seize the development opportunities brought by market opening, and promote cultural industry cooperation between the two countries according to high-quality standards.

Second, in the upgrading and implementation of the China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, Beijing and Singapore should take advantage of market opening to take the lead in cultural industry exchanges and cooperation.

Third, the cultural, economic and trade departments of Beijing and Singapore should jointly formulate a rich cultural industry cooperation plan. Efforts should be made to promote cooperation in the fields of culture and art, cultural tourism and cultural heritage, especially the full use of digital technology and digital economy to empower the cooperation and development of cultural industries between the two sides.

The fourth is to establish a cultural industry cooperation mechanism between Beijing and Singapore to enhance the level of cultural industry cooperation, expand information communication and cooperation channels through cooperation mechanisms. It should give full play to the role of institutions including the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center, Singapore's Business China, and the Beijing Association for Trade in Services, and unite and encourage innovative cultural enterprises to participate in cooperation.

Fifth, we should pay attention to cultural brand building. Chinese and Singapore enterprises should build cultural industry brands that meet people's needs through complementary advantages, enrich people's consumption, and jointly promote cultural products in the international market.

The conference was co-sponsored by CIPG and Beijing Association for Trade in Services, with the China-ASEAN Business Council as the supporting unit.

Relevant government officials, economic and trade promotion agencies and business associations, entrepreneurs, experts and media representatives from Beijing and Singapore participated in the conference to deepen Beijing-Singapore cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation in the form of policy publicity, dialogue and exchange, enterprise and project promotion, etc., and promote Beijing-Singapore cooperation and development.

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