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Interview: Thai expert says Xi's vision of civilizations inspires world

Copyfrom:Xinhua News AgencyPost Time:2019-05-20 09:21:30

Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the opening of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) on Wednesday has inspired the world on exchanges, inclusiveness and cooperation, a Thai expert has said here. 

Pokin Polakul, chairman of the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, said Thursday that he highly appreciates what the Chinese president said about respect and equality, and believes it will contribute to world peace and prosperity. 

Polakul spoke highly of Xi's point that "the thought that one's own race and civilization are superior and the inclination to remold or replace other civilizations are just stupid." 

Nowadays, some people still see his or her nation as superior and as having to come first, which will surely result in tensions and conflicts, Polakul said. 

"For any leader, it is right to bring a better life to your people, but this cannot be at (the) expense of others' interests," he said. 

Polakul said he also appreciated Xi's offer to the world that "China is ready to work with other countries to protect Asian cultural heritage" and "happy to launch initiatives with relevant countries to translate Asian classics both from and into Chinese and promote film and TV exchanges and cooperation in Asia." 

There are several temples in Thailand built for Zheng He, a Chinese mariner who led voyages to Southeast Asia and other parts of the world during the Ming Dynasty, Polakul said, adding that he hopes there would be more film and TV series to tell such stories of Thai-Chinese exchanges hundreds of years ago. 

Recalling his visits to China's Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, as well as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Polakul said he admires China's efforts to preserve its cultural diversity. 

Thailand should learn from China to preserve its own cultural diversity, he suggested.

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